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Boxes + Tape
No matter how well you plan, you never seem to have enough boxes or packing supplies. Hernia Movers can help there too. Take a look at what we have available and give us a call.
Small sized box
Small Box

Medium sized box
Medium Box

Large sized box
Large Box

Dishpack sized box
Dishpack Box

Xtra large sized box
X-Large Box

Wardrobe sized box
Wardrobe Box

Mattress Box

Mirror sized box
Mirror Box
(up to 40" x 60")

White paper
White Newsprint

Packing Peanuts

Hernia Movers T-shirt

Image not available
Bubble Wrap

Packing Tape

Laydown Wardrobe

Baseball cap
Hernia Movers Hat

Image not available
Lamp Box

Desk Running

Packing Tips:
  • Have Hernia Movers pack one room or the entire household!


  • Have ample packing supplies; boxes, tape, newsprint (unprinted paper), markers, packing peanuts etc.

  • Seal bottom of box with multiple lines of tape, especially on heavier boxes.

  • Create a “cushion” around items using paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

  • Designate room(s) you want boxes to go to. IE: den, kitchen.

  • Pack heavier items in smaller boxes.

  • Label fragile when appropriate.

  • Keep boxes balanced evenly. Do not, for example pack plates on one side of a box and glassware on the other side.

  • Seal top and lids of bottles and jars before packing.

  • Bag hardware from disassembled pieces and secure inside of disassembled piece. Write down any assembly tips and put in bag with hardware.

  • Seal top of box.

  • Remove shades from lamps.

  • Have a couple of boxes ready for “last minute” packing telephones, medicines.

  • Make a box of essentials, an “open me first” box. Prescription drugs, bathroom essentials, kitchen items, phone book are all items which you may need handy at your new home.

    Hernia Movers sells boxes and packing supplies

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