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Muscle for Hire
Need something above and beyond the call? Give us a call!
File on dollyWith a name as unconventional as Hernia, itís only natural that we excel in tackling tasks outside the traditional lines of a moving company:
  • Moving items from one place to another within a home or building
  • Crating large or valuable items (like paintings, furniture or appliances) for shipping
  • Loading or unloading trucks or trailers
  • Handling the tough furniture delivery jobs that furniture stores wonít attempt
  • Virtually any other type of task involving items that can be moved
As a full service moving company, weíre committed to extending our Better Than Good service to encompass More Than Expected in capability.

Desk Running

This is a request to place an order by the Tosafest organization for your firmís service to move park benches (100) and picnic tables (75) from two County Parks.

- Tosa Fest
The Historical Societyís Grain Exchange Antique Show was a resounding success! We want to thank you for the important part Hernia Movers played in achieving that success. Your support was a key factor and we sincerely thank you.

- Milwaukee County Historical Society

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