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Hernia Movers has compiled a moving checklist, a list of frequently asked questions and moving tips to help you plan your move. If you have a question that hasnít been answered on any of these documents, donít hesitate to give us a call.


The Ten Most Commonly Asked Questions.
Q: Is there any extra charge to move appliances or piano?
A: No, Hernia Movers charges by the hour.
Q: I need to move but cannot move into my new residence right away, do you offer storage?
A: Yes, Herniaís storage is above our offices. We offer short and long term storage in a secure, heated brick warehouse.
Q: What do you charge to move?
A: With rare exception Hernia Movers charges an hourly rate. We give estimates based on the information provided by you, the clients. When warranted or requested we will do an in-home or in-office estimate. These estimates are also based on the information provided. All estimates are in reality interactive between Hernia Movers Inc. and the client. As no two moves are the same the basic formula of all moves however is the same: What is being moved, where is it coming from and where is it going to. A typical phone estimate takes 5 minutes or an in-house, in-office estimate 10 to 30 minutes. While no two moves are the same we can estimate with a high degree of accuracy. We will estimate the move time to allow for moderate unforeseen circumstances (weather, disassembly of items, and so fourth.)
Q: Who are your movers?
A: Hernia Movers does not use temporary labor agents as other moving companies do. Our movers are employed by Hernia Movers, and must (and do) represent the high level of service that Hernia is noted for.
Q: Does Hernia Movers go out of state?
A: Yes, Hernia Movers, Inc. has 48 state operating authority. However, we limit our scope of operations to Wisconsin and the surrounding states.
Q: What do I need to do, to get ready for my move?
A: 1. Call Hernia Movers
2. Pack small items in boxes (close the top and label) or have Hernia pack
3. Change mailing addresses
4. Make post move dinner reservations
Q: Will the movers put my things where I want them to?
A: Yes. We want you to be settled in. Our movers are highly competent, accommodating and polite.
Q: Why should we use Hernia Movers instead of another mover?
A: We could probably take 2 or 3 pages to answer that question. In a nutshell, what Hernia Movers is, is a trustworthy, honest, experienced moving company. We are an independent mover, not an agent or franchise. We are not rent-a-movers. We work for you. Our bottom line is to be successful and that means your move has to be successful.
Q: How did you come up with the name Hernia Movers?
A: To separate ourselves from the pack of other movers we wanted a gutsy name with a sense of mirth, hence the name... Hernia Movers.
Q: Why might I need a 3 man crew?
A: The advantage of a 3 man crew versus a 2 man crew is one of efficiency. A three man crew basically operates in this manner. Two movers are moving the larger pieces while the third mover is moving the smaller pieces, packing the truck, and is ready to assist on larger pieces as necessary. No matter what the crew size we always send the appropriate crew size to optimize the time involved on your move.

Yesterday your men moved our office from one area of the Galleria West Shopping Center to another area on the second floor of the same complex. We wanted to express our gratitude for a job well done. They made the move in the rain without a complaint. What could have been a difficult and tiring experience turned out to be an efficient and positive one.

We appreciate the young menís skill as well as their helpful attitude. Thanks for making our move a pleasant one.

- Eileen
I want to thank you for our smooth move from Oakfield to Brookfield last Tuesday. The young men assigned to us were fast, friendly and efficient. I couldnít believe how well the day went. I would recommend you to anyone for a local or statewide move.

- Jane
A world of thanks to you and all that were so kind to see that I did get moved in the snow. It was extremely less stressful for me because of all thoughtfulness.

- Roberta
I just wanted to pass along a large pat on the back to the young men who moved us to Random Lake. We were amazed at the speed with which the move was completed. The work was careful, and the workers courteous and helpful. You can be sure we will look forward to opportunities to recommend Hernia to our friends.

- Gerald

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